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Dua To Be Loved By Everyone – Make Everyone Like and Respect You  

dua to be loved by everyone

Everyone desires to receive love from the people they care about. This longing for affection is so significant that individuals often seek this connection throughout their lives. When someone holds affection for another person, they naturally hope to receive love in return. In the Quran, there is a halal supplication by the name of the dua to be loved by everyone for this purpose.  

Those who experience mutual love and respect are fortunate. Love and respect are not demands; they must be earned. Qualities such as kindness and loyalty are crucial for establishing worthiness and creating meaningful connections. Therefore, to cultivate love and respect, individuals need to demonstrate these virtues consistently. This can be easily done with the dua to be loved by everyone. It is a halal Quranic dua to make everyone like you.  

What Is The Dua For Being Loved And Respected By Everyone? 

To earn love and respect, having patience is a must. There are situations where, despite your kindness and support for others in their difficult times, people may not appreciate your presence. They may belittle you, make jokes at your expense, and fail to acknowledge your uniqueness. In such circumstances, it’s easy to feel like just another face in the crowd, eroding your self-esteem. If you find yourself losing hope in resolving these issues independently, worry not. The dua for being loved by everyone will help you.

Our Islamic scholar has curated a dua to be loved and respected from the Holy Quran to address your specific concerns.   

Presenting the following dua to gain love and respect: 

“Allahumma Jaa Al SalawaAtika Wa Bara KaatiKa Alaa Muhammadin In Naa Bee Yee Wa AzWaAaJihi UmmaHaaTilMu’miNeen Wa ZurReeYaTihi Waa Aah Lee Bay Tee Hee KaaMaa Sal LaytaAaLaaIbrahima In NaaKaaHamee Dum MaaJeed.” 

We recommend reciting this dua with a pure heart and sincere intention. With consistent practice, you will likely observe positive results after a few days. 

How To Perform The Dua For Being Loved By Everyone? 

To get the best results in a short span from the dua to gain love and respect, follow the stepwise process we are sharing now.  

  • Our Islamic scholar suggests maintaining regular prayers, performing all five daily namaz. 
  • Ensure that you perform ablution before reciting the dua to gain love and respect by everyone. 
  • Recite the 83rd verse of Surah Yaseen, which is “Fasubĥāna Al-LadhīBiyadihiMalakūtuKulliShay’ in Wa ‘IlayhiTurja`ūna” (So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will you all be brought back). 
  • Then recite the dua for being loved by everyone mentioned above. 

If you follow these instructions diligently with sincerity and dedication, you are likely to witness incredible results. If you have any doubts about dua for being loved by everyone, consult our Islamic scholar

Dua For Izzat Ki Hifazat 

People may currently respect you for various reasons, but maintaining that respect can be challenging. It takes no time for them to forget your achievements, especially during difficult times. Trying to make them understand your worth in such situations might prove futile. If you seek to preserve your value in society and garner respect from everyone, turning to Allah with the dua for izzat ki hifazat is essential. 

To safeguard your honor, Allah has provided the dua for “Izzat ki Hifazat” (Preservation of Honor). Allah, who bestows respect upon individuals, encourages kindness to everyone, regardless of their age, caste, or creed. By demonstrating mercy and respect to others, you earn Allah’s favor in return.  

Hence, purify your heart, show kindness to those around you, and recite the dua for “Izzat ki Hifazat.” You will undoubtedly observe positive changes in your surroundings. Read this halal dua for izzat ki hifazat:  

Tuh fatkammukammalsubidaattamirusuzeer o kabirakhujur e aalamwaquirqwutubkhajeer e shahezad mukamil ahityalalba ani shaheeha 

To know how and when to read the dua for izzat ki hifazat, contact our Islamic scholar. Our Molvi Ji Peer Muhammad Qadri will help you understand the significance of this dua better. He will also help you with the complete process to perform it.  

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